Dr. Patrick Edger - Assistant Professor

Area of Expertise: Polyploid Genomics, Genetics and Breeding

Email: edgerpat@msu.edu


Faculty Profile


"The primary research interest of my lab lies in understanding how plant genomes have and continue to be shaped by the environment. My lab leverages a diverse array of tools and a strong multidisciplinary approach, including comparative genomics, transcriptomics, phylogenetics and systems biology, to investigate gene family dynamics, the evolution of novel gene functions, and gene-gene interactions. Our research spans multiple phylogenetic scales from the species-level to eudicot-wide comparisons, but are largely focused on the families Rosaceae and Ericaceae, due to availability of rich genomic resources that are being generated by us and others in the scientific community. One of our goals is to identify markers that can be selected or modified to improve fruit quality, a(biotic) resistances, and yield of strawberry and blueberry cultivars."


  • UGS 200H: Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution (3 credits)
  • HRT 362: Applied Crop Improvement (1 credit)
  • HRT 892: Seminar Topic "Polyploidy" (1 credit)
  • HRT 894: Seminar Topic "Targetting Pathways for Crop Improvement" (1 credit)